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Referral Reward

Referrals Roofing, LLC. continues to grow by referrals from customers and friends. We dedicate 100% of our time and energy delivering first class service and your recommendation is the greatest compliment we can receive.  Reward for Referrals are our way of saying THANK YOU to those who have supported us and we’ve learned it is a great way of giving back to our community.   

How does the Referral Reward Program work?

Nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising. People respect your opinion.  Those casual conversations with friends, co-workers and neighbors can have a tremendous impact on our environment and your finances. That’s what Referrals Roofing.  Referral Rewards Program is all about. This program provides a way for you to refer Roofing, Siding, and Gutter customers and receive credit for doing so. When your referral leads to a new customer for Referrals Roofing, you will receive $125 to show our appreciation for your referral.

The Referral Rewards Program is offered to anyone that wants to participate and is 100% impartial in our services. The program is simple and allows you to earn CA$H or Gifts.

You can keep earning cash money each time you refer someone to us for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION and they sign a contract to have a full roof replacement done. It’s easy! When you hear your friends and colleagues discussing a leaky roof or possible roof damage, simply tell them about Referrals Roofing, LLC.

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