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Professional Roofers in Durham, NC

Referrals Roofing are professional roofers in Durham, NC. The premium roof installation, as well as repairs, are the forte of Referrals Roofing. We offer the best quality of jobs at amazing prices in Durham, NC.

Professional roofers in Durham, NC are generally supposed to perform the following jobs-

  1. Tile/shingle removal- The already installed tiles/shingles which have become damaged due to different reasons such as the passage of time, leakage, low maintenance, etc. need to be replaced. This job is undertaken by roofers.
  2. Roof shingles installation- New roof shingles are installed by the roofers in Durham, NC after the old ones are removed.
  3. Waterproofing roof- The waterproofing of the roof to minimize the damage because of moisture is important. This is done with the help of rubber roof installation by the roofers.
  4. Application of tar- The tar is also applied to the roof to further waterproof the roof by professional roofers in Durham, NC.
  5. Job estimation- All the jobs collectively required to be done and the anticipated expenses of the same need to be communicated to the clients. This is the job of the roofer before the actual job can be taken up.

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Why Choose us for Roofing services?

There are numerous reasons for you to choose Referrals Roofing-

  • We offer friendly financing
  • We are Owens Corning's preferred contractor which is a well-known roofing material manufacturer.
  • 24*7 emergency roof covering is available.
  • We have licensed general contractors
  • We are a locally owned and operated company.
  • We have an environmentally friendly operation as we recycle the damaged and torn shingles.
  • We are a licensed and insured company.
  • We are professionally trained and staffed to bring your roof to life.
  • We are CertainTeed master shingle applicator certified.
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